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Want to subvert apples by taking the path of millet? Le Shijun, you still wake up

Want to subvert apples by taking the path of millet? Le Shijun, you still wake up

2015-4-16 13:50:20

On April 14, when Beijings temperature soared, Jia Yueting finally released three long-lost Le Video superphones in MasterCard Center. Previously, Jia Yueting had promised to subvert Apple. After watching the conference, Sniff Jun felt that it was too…

On April 14, when Beijing's temperature soared, Jia Yueting finally released three long-lost Le Video superphones in MasterCard Center. Previously, Jia Yueting had promised to subvert Apple. After watching the conference, Sniff Jun felt that it was too early for Lexin to subvert Apple.

Background Review: Le Shi's mobile phone may be Jia Yueting's gamble

"The first batch of orders signed by Lexus Mobile Phone with the OEM is 300,000 units. At present, the OEM has delivered 210,000 units." If this information is reliable, there are two conclusions:

1. Jia Yueting's investment in his mobile phone is a big gamble: even if estimated at an average cost of 1,000 yuan per unit, the order will cost 300 million yuan. This is not a decimal sum. According to the annual report released by Le Video, its net profit in 2014 was only 364 million yuan.

2. Jia Yuetang seems to want to sell his mobile phone rather than just tell a story. According to the previous report from Driver House, the first batch of Hammer mobile phone signatures for Foxconn was only about 200,000 units.

Like millet, but harder than millet

Millet has become an indispensable existence in the domestic mobile phone industry, and also an old rival of Lexin in the smart TV market. However, the information and strategic thinking revealed at the launch of Le Video's mobile phone is like the road of mini-millet. On the road of "making money not by hardware, but by service", Le Video seems to go further.

Looking at the parameters alone, it is true that they have reached the flagship level. Although the "disobedient running score" has been spoiled by the domestic mobile phone manufacturers, Jia Yueting still shows the Rabbit Rabbit Running score exceeding 50,000.

In addition to displaying flagship-level configuration parameters and running points, Lexus also invited executives from suppliers Qualcomm and Sharp to serve as their platforms. Using the brand of the top supplier to endorse itself is also a strategy used by millet in its early days.

This is probably the most silent paragraph for friends and businessmen. Lei Jun always said that millet was "priced by cost" and "made money without hardware", while Jia Yueting was more radical. In order to show that Le Shi did not make money by hardware, he directly announced the BOM costs of Le 1 and Le 1 Pro.

For most industries, detailed cost calculation, even if not commercial secrets, is inconvenient for public discussion. After all, few enterprises will show their books to outsiders. This is indeed unprecedented.

In addition to announcing the BOM, Jia Yueting has launched another radical new strategy, namely, pricing according to production cost. If the mobile phone manufacturer sets the price according to the initial cost of the whole mobile phone (Jia Yueting announced the initial cost of Le 1Pro at the press conference is about 2800 yuan), then the mobile phone manufacturer can still make profits by selling hardware after achieving a certain scale of mass production, because of the scale effect, the purchase cost of components is reduced, and the actual cost of the whole machine is reduced. Jia Yueting claims that pricing at production cost means giving up the hardware profits brought about by the scale effect of production.

It seems that Le Sino Mobile is going to make money on hardware until it gets dark. These two strategies, together with Jia Yueting's comparison of "other home price increase rate" and "home price increase rate", have become the "industry conscience" of the mobile phone industry.

But as far as the happy information presented at the press conference is concerned, this "industry conscience" is easy to make people feel real.

One of the inaccuracies is the data source of "other cost". According to Jia Yueting at the release meeting, the data sources of other costs are "professional dismantling websites abroad" and "Le Shi's supply chain team", that is, the third party and Le Shi's own estimates. It's really good to use this kind of speculative data to denounce friends'overpricing in public.

Second, the mass production cost should be a dynamic concept. According to common sense, considering the scale economy of mobile phone production, the production costs of different orders of magnitude (100,000, million and 10 million) are certainly different. We are glad to only raise the production costs, but not mention the production costs under what scale. Strictly speaking, this is not scientific.

Jia Yueting mentioned at the press conference that consumers should consume rationally, but his statement at the press conference itself has the suspicion of misleading consumers.

However, it has to be said that the comparison of storage plus price mentioned by Jia at the launch meeting (that is, the difference between different versions of the same mobile phone, such as 16G, 32G, 64G) has indeed made money for ordinary consumers.

3. Make Money with Video Services

When Millet talks about "earning money by service", even many people in the industry can't tell what service Millet earns money on. But when Lenovo says that it earns money by service, the whole world knows it's video content service.

Previous analysis did not favor Lexus mobile phone because of its small screen size, high traffic and poor experience of watching video content. But now it seems that this logic is reversed. Lexus wants to use the advantage of video content to promote mobile phone purchasing, rather than create a flagship mobile phone with high cost performance to promote content service subscription, leaving UI design and industrial design aside. Needless to say, looking at price and configuration alone, the price-performance ratio of Lexin mobile phone itself is really attractive.

Le Video introduced the concept of "bare phone" and tied the final price of the phone to the subscription of video service, which is somewhat similar to the operator's "contract machine". In other words, if a consumer buys a one-year lease machine, he pays 499 yuan for the full-screen members and 300 yuan less for the mobile phone, which is equivalent to buying a one-year membership service at a discount price of 199 yuan, that is, buying a lease mobile phone, he will be eligible to buy a lease membership service at a discount price of 199 yuan per year.

According to Feng Xing, president of Lexus Mobile Intelligence Company, after the launch meeting, Lexus will not restrict the consumption of "naked machines", so the role of Lexus "contract machines" in promoting Lexus members'subscriptions remains to be seen.

Sales target and financing situation

Although Lexin has a lot of slots, such as eUI like Flyme, industrial design like the iPhone, Huawei Mate 7, HTC One M9, and Apple marketing, its cost-effective ratio is there after all, and the idea of making money with video services is clear.

The Le Video team seems confident about its products. Feng Xing disclosed that the sales target of Le Video mobile phones this year is millions and next year is tens of millions.

Le Video's mobile phone team has contacted several capitalists, and has initially identified a leading venture with investors to be determined.

Next is sniffing and tucking time.

1. No borders? What is this black line?

2. Opening Seven Wolves and Lexus Hard Advertisements

Sniff Jun has attended many conferences of various kinds, but it is the first time that two hard advertisements were inserted before the opening ceremony.

3. Can't we make a real helmet and issue it again?

In addition to Le Sino bicycles and Le Sino supercars, which are still invisible products, Jia Yueting released a new product - Le Sino Super Helmets at today's press conference. This virtual reality device can support a maximum of 1000 inches of audio and video playback area, the maximum viewing angle is 800 degrees, and can be connected with Lexus Super Phone to achieve plug-and-play, but it is still in the "test stage". Can't Jia always really learn how to design and test products before developing cloth fairs?

4. Award a Le Video Super Car. Is this reward too floating?

Jia always seems very confident about Le Max and even takes the initiative to fight: if within six months, there will be mobile phones with the same overall performance as Le Max, rewarding them, but the prize is actually.......... Le Max Super Vehicle.......................

Whether this award is too floatable or not, Sniff Jun can even help friends and businessmen think of a good paragraph: If within six months, Lexin can really build a supercar, Bai Sen Lexin each employee a flagship mobile phone.

5. Have you ever seen such a messy release?

The final Tucao is not related to the plate business of music, and Jia Zong's remarks. In the sun, Sniff Jun came to the West Gate of MasterCard Center. There were too many people. There was a mandatory queue in the security team. Invitation letters alone were not enough. He needed to change tickets and crowded to the nearest ticket exchange point beside the West Gate. He was told that it was the ordinary audience's ticket exchange point. "Media, contact your PR, who invites you, you will contact who." So he dialed the phone and made three public relations calls on his hand. The line was busy. She stopped a girl who wanted to accommodate her colleagues. She said no. Let me use another number of her colleagues to change tickets. She said that she had no choice but to find out who she was. Finally, she gave her ticket to Sniff Jun.

It took only 20 minutes to change tickets, or in the sun. It's already two o'clock for Wenjun to sit in. In theory, the press conference should start. There are still reporters in the group of Le Video Press Conference who have not received tickets. If it weren't for that girl, Sniff Jun really didn't know when to bask in the sun.