China, India and the Arabian Peninsula invote most solar energy equipment

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Western media, said the Duke University United States  on the 26th  China, India and the Arabian Peninsula is largest solar equipment country and region in the world, but also the most serious pollution area to caused reduction in production capacity.


According to the report by Duke University's professor of civil engineering and environmental science, Michael Birkin, measured the reduction of solar energy collected from solar-particle-contaminated solar panels. It is said that although many of the pollution in the air comes from dust, contain anthropogenic pollution, including carbon ions, are smaller, causing greater energy loss and blocking more light.


"Man-made particles are smaller, more adsorbable, and therefore more difficult to eradicate, the only solution seems to be more frequent cleaning of the solar panels, but this will cause damage risk." Birkin pointed out that.


From the Arabian Peninsula, northern India and eastern China and other regions to observe the results of the monthly cleaning of solar panels in the case of energy loss is still up to 17% to 25%, if every two months to cleaning the solar panel, Energy loss  rose to 25% to 35%.


Research shows that the Arabian Peninsula lost more solar energy due to dust, China and India are more affected by the pollution.


"We have always known that these pollutants are harmful to human health and climate change, but now we can prove that they are also bad for solar energy," Birkin said, "This also shows that the world's decision-makers should pay more attention for emission reduction ".


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