Shenzhen GLORY Industries Co., Ltd.
16 years’experience in the development ,manufacture and sales of a range of Sunpower solar panels.
Corporate Culture

Company mission

Collect solar energy;

Helping human beings to live a better life!  

Company vision:  
Become a Leading Enterprise in Outdoor Solar Charging Products Industry!  

Sense of worth:  
Help customer,Achieve win-win, sincere and trustworthy team work, open and enterprising ! 

Customer success

    Constantly creating better products and services for customers and helping customers live a better life is the only reason for Guangrui's existence. Customer demand is the driving force for Guangrui's development. We adhere to customer-centered, rapid response to customer needs.

    Continue to create long-term value for customers and achieve customers. Providing customers with better products and effective services and helping customers live a better life is the direction of our work and the yardstick of value evaluation. Achieving customers is to achieve ourselves.

Innovate and Win Together:The company provides the development platform for employees. Through the enterprise platform, employees work hard to create greater value for the enterprise, and share the development results of the enterprise, which not only achieves the enterprise, but also achieves their own, and the enterprise and employees achieve win-win situation.。

Sincere and trustworthy:Only when we are honest and sincere in our hearts can we say what we must do and keep our promises. Honesty is our most important intangible asset. Guangrui insists on winning customers with honesty。

Team work:Winners raise their glasses to celebrate each other, while losers fight to save each other. Team cooperation is not only the spirit of cross-cultural group cooperation, but also a strong guarantee to break the Department wall and improve process efficiency。

Open and enterprising:In order to better meet customer needs, we are aggressive, courageous to explore, and adhere to openness and innovation. We adhere to customer demand orientation and continue to innovate in technology, products and services, sales and management around customer demand。

Employee Elegance Show

Employee demeanorEmployee demeanor
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Visit the ancient cityVisit the ancient city
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